Coyote Gas Electric BBQ Grill & Parts & Appliances 3ft Electric Island Only Refrigerator



If you have a smaller space with gas or charcoal cooking restrictions the RTA electric grill island is the smart solution to cooking outdoors. This island is constructed with our multi-component proprietary concrete composite panels and countertop. The included counterttop has a chiseled edge and provides 5.5 ft2 of preparation or eating space to make the most out of even a small outdoor area.

This small electric outside kitchen includes a Coyote Electric Grill for places where gas or charcoal are not an option. This grill features:

  • 5,000 Hour Heating Element
  • 550° F Maximum Temperature
  • 156 in2 of Cooking Area
  • Teflon Coated Cooking Surface
  • Ceramic Flavorizer
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 120 VAC – 1300 WATTS – 11 AMPS – 60 HZ

Keep food and drinks cold with the Coyote 21″ outdoor refrigerator to make the electric grill island even more useful to your outdoor space. The outdoor refrigerator features:

  • Outdoor Rated | UL Certified | DOE Certified
  • Right or Left Hinge Option
  • Exterior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 4.1 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Premium Shelving
  • Automatic Defrost

RTA Outdoor Living’s outdoor grill islands may not include shipping or installation. Installation costs, if any, should be minimal do to the unique installation process which significantly reduces the time to install (a few hours).


Island Surround Dimensions: 32″ Width x 37″ Height x 24″ Depth

Countertop Dimensions: 36″ Width x 2″ Height x 38″ Depth

Island Total Weight: 456 lbs

Countertop Material: Multi-Component Proprietary Concrete Composite

Island Frame Material: Stone Gray Stacked Stone Multi-Component Proprietary Concrete Composite

Fuel Type: Electric

Grill Dimensions: 18 1/8″ Width x 11 3/8″ Height x 16 1/4″ Depth

Changing the Outdoor Space

RTA Outdoor Living set out to remove the challenges associated with selecting, designing, and building outdoor kitchens by creating a one-supplier source. This has been accomplished through a strategic partnership with Coyote Outdoor Living and the manufacturing of an easy and affordable alternative to conventional outdoor kitchen construction while maintaining a higher quality.

Given the fast pace of the modern world, we need a place to unwind and reconnect with those who matter most. We want others to be able to create their own space, easily and affordable, for their family to share for years to come.


RTA Outdoor Living has simplified the construction process by using structural high-strength concrete panels (precast with a stone, wood or concrete face) that can be assemble in a few hours with a couple of people. In comparison, scratch-built and ready-to-finish (rtf) outdoor kitchens require multiple materials, steps, and trades to complete.

RTA panels are self-supporting and aesthetic with no finish or masonry work required. Panels are simply set in place, attached with L-brackets and self tapping screws, corners are mounted, countertop and appliance are installed, and your kitchen is complete.

RTA System

  • Built of 1 solid concrete-composite panel
  • Panels are the structure, nothing to rot, rust, or decay
  • Panel material is engineered specifically for the outdoor enviornment
  • No masonry skilled labor needed for finishing
  • Installed in hours with light construction skills (Countertops included)
  • Limited lifetime structural warranty

RTF System

  • Final product is built of 4 - 5 layers
  • Aluminum or galvanized steel frame is vulnerable to movement and corrosion
  • Concrete board substrate is often not rated for outdoors
  • Requires experienced masonry labor for finishing
  • Installed in a few days to a week or more (Countertops not included)
  • Warranty varies / warranty on finish up to the installer

L-Shaped Kitchens

L-Shaped outdoor kitchens offer the utility of a BBQ island with the added space for bar seating and additional appliance features. L-Shape kitchens are perfect for those who have the outdoor space to accommodate and the desire to entertain. An L-shaped kitchen can be created by combining any one of our G-Series islands with any one of our 3 B-Series Island options, allowing you to customize your L-Shaped outdoor kitchen.

Gallery Kitchens

The Galley Kitchen is another popular configuration option for a G-Series and B-Series island, providing an efficient cooking, preparation, and entertaining layout by positioning both islands parallel to each other. This option also gives you more flexibility in your layout overall.

Panel Options

All panel profiles are available in two distinct color palette options. A Brown Terra palette and a Gray Stone palette allowing you to match any landscape or urban environment.


Our signature 2" chiseled edge countertop is available in gray scale or taupe

  • Brown Terra Panel comes with Taupe Countertop
  • Gray Stone Panel comes with Gray Countertop